Princess Crêpe


Princess Crêpe is a Lolita/kawaii-themed store in the Marais, a high-end shopping district in the center of Paris.


The crêpes here are Japanese style, thinner, less eggy, and with a slightly stiffer, less bouncy texture than French ones. The crêpe batter is lighter than the French kind but Japanese crêpes contain many more fillings, resulting in the conical shape.


The Premium Matcha Crêpe is 6.5 euros and contains matcha Taiwanese-style milk ice instead of heavier ice cream, matcha tiramisu, adzuki (sweet red bean) paste, a dense and flavorful chunk of chocolate cake, and whipped cream (usually referred to as crème Chantilly in France). It’s  topped with almond slices and chocolate syrup and is filling enough to be a meal in itself, in both volume and calories.


Princess Crêpe

3 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris


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