Barcelona eats


This paella made by our Airbnb hosts was the best thing I ate in Barcelona. Rice with bite on the inside, coated in gooey stickiness on the outside, into which the vegetables were melting…what magic zucchini…


No, wait – it was the apple frosting on this croissant donut, looking like buttercream but almost as light as whipped cream, with a lump of apple fondant in the middle…


Or maybe it was this giant dulce de leche-filled churro, wolfed down three at a time under streetlamps after dark?


Or the omlette behind this sausage – notice the crisping on the skin of the sausage?

The three days I spent in Barcelona excited me more food-wise than three months in Paris. It’s food to be eaten, by everyone – there isn’t this huge and obvious segmentation into haute cuisine and the quotidian, and the range of ingredients is broader. The pastries are less demandingly beautiful but no less delicious.


Seeing as this is Spain, paella and tapas are the must-eats. I’m still dreaming about that paella but was less thrilled by the tapas. I still enjoyed them, but I’m not that into meat and sausage is definitely the main attraction. With most priced at 1 euro each, self-serve tapas are a carnivore’s paradise. They’re a pretty casual bar thing too, so don’t be surprised if they’re lukewarm.


I passed the super-spicy sausage under the blistered pepper to a friend because the flavor was overwhelming for me, but the darker sausages, one covering a velvety vegetable spread and one topped with creamy garlic sauce, were great. In the back is whipped cream with mini cream puffs and cookie crumbs.


A friend’s plate – lots of variety.


We both went back for one more when we saw these. The best bite because of those salty, vinegary crispy bits.


One of many stunning views from Montjuich, a huge forested hill with a huge castle on top. The slopes are gentle so they aren’t demoralizing, but the hill is big enough that you’ll burn off at least one head-sized filo-wrapped feta pastry. I’ve already booked another trip to Barcelona for later this month.

Full review of the place with the crazy croissant donut, chök.


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