I went back to Barcelona for churros


After I left Barcelona a few weeks ago I could not stop thinking about the city – the beach, the views on Montjuic, the dogs and of course the food. Including these dulce de leche-filled churros from this brightly-lit palace of fried stuff, a beacon in the night to clubbers and partiers.


That place is called Xurreria Trebol and if you like fat and sugar (as humans are biologically programmed to) no trip to Barcelona can’t be made better with a visit to this place. Or, if you’re like me, you might even go twice in the same day.

A traditional Spanish breakfast is churros with hot chocolate. At Xurreria Trebol, the four euro combo gets you six churros and a cup of thick hot chocolate for dipping.



The filled churros come in vanilla cream, Nutella, and dulce de leche. These are big, and they’re two euros each. Vanilla is the weakest, the awkwardly wobbly and artificial-tasting cream not complementing the churro’s texture or taste.



Xurreria Trebol has a lot of other fried/sugary/carby deliciousness.



Trebol stands out because of its huge filled churros, but just about every xurreria is going to make you happy. Don’t miss the solid chocolate-coated churros (maybe you should get these on a different day instead of at Trebol for your health). The texture is completely different from the hot chocolate-dipped ones, but the taste is just as awesome.




Churros can be served completely unadorned. If they ask if you want sugar sprinkled on, say yes.


Xurreria Trebol

Carrer de Còrsega, 341, 08037 Barcelona



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