chök the chocolate kitchen

chök the chocolate kitchen is a Barcelona chain that makes sweet things. chök stores are probably the most beautiful mid-market temples to sugar in the world.

WARNING: Dieters should not proceed beyond this point



There was no way I could pass up trying one of these “kronuts.” Each and every one is a work of art.



Creme brulee on a croissant donut. Oh my god.


I had an apple kronut. The cream looks like the giant swirls of buttercream usually found on cupcakes, but it’s actually very light like a stiff whipped cream. This is a much better choice than buttercream, which would be overwhelming and heavy.

The cream is deliciously bright and fruity and the apple paste in the middle is good too. However, the croissant part doesn’t compare to the original Dominique Ansel cronut at all.


Every milimeter of the Dominique Ansel cronut is a textural and flavorful experience that magically transforms donuts and croissants into something worth waiting two hours for, but this is just a slightly sweet and dry croissant. But at just 3.50 euros for a regular size and no line plus awesome toppings, the chök kronut, while gimmicky, is a gimmick worth buying into.

I couldn’t try everything in the store in one go because I would have instantly developed diabetes. Barcelona residents are lucky they can drop in at various locations over a healthy stretch of time.










You know this place has a commitment to C12H22O11 when there’s extra sugar on the tables…


Looking back on it, the smart move is to come with many friends to maximize the flavors everyone would be able to taste.




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