Doing vegan right at Hank Burger

I’ve been valiantly “trying” to eat healthier lately. Because I’m trying to not think about the gumbo, fried pickles, fried shrimp, fried oysters, hushpuppies, coleslaw, catfish, crackers and everything else I ate today, here’s a review pulled out of the past from that one time I had a vegan combo meal!


Actually, it was 100% awesome. Hank Burger is a vegetarian joint in Paris that does everything right. Each HankBurger is eight euros and includes well-matched toppings with a very soft and juicy vegan patty on a sesame bun that deflates enough to let you get your mouth around the tall burgers. For 14 euros, I had le Grand Menu, which included a HankBurger, side, drink, and dessert. Their menu, with pricing, is available here. I highly recommend the Grand Menu for the variety and quality.

My order: Tata Monique (tomato-basil sauce, black olives) burger, french fries, carrot cake, and Bionade soda.



The burger came wrapped to preserve heat. This is so cute! It looks like a Chinese baozi.


The fries were adequate but probably not worth the calories considering everything else.

The carrot cake was the star, moist and filling.



I also tried a bite of Hank Burger’s chocolate chip cookie. The carrot cake is way better but this was still very good. Chocolate chip cookie fanatics can get pretty divisive on the definition of the “perfect” texture (soft and gooey, pillowy and drier, crisp and shiny, crumbly and sandy – I could go on). This is for the people who like very dense and chewy cookies.



An unexpected delight – Bionade soda. This was my first time trying Bionade but not my first dry soda and Bionade’s dry soda is excellent. As the name implies, dry soda isn’t as sweet as normal soda. I really appreciate when elements of a meal we’ve gotten used to thinking of as having a sweet function return to a function of balancing and refreshing the palate, which Bionade accomplishes well. Ginger-Orange, the flavor I enjoyed, is one of a range of interesting flavors.


Hank Burger

55 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris


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