Crave’n Burgers and Brews


Maple Falls, WA is a tiny enclave around the Mt. Baker Ski area. How small? With a population of under 350, you can just stand in the middle of the road and spin around and see all the businesses Maple Falls is home to. This includes a marijuana dispensary – I’m not sure if I should be surprised or not – and Crave’n Burgers and Brews.



Crave’n is a lovely little stop after a long drive. Besides its very clean eating area and cute decorations, it also has a sports bar section and a large yard. This yard has an herb garden and a movie screen, where movies are shown for the community Tuesday nights.


I ordered a cup of house chili. My parents got a turkey dip with provolone and au jus and the fish tacos.


I did not expect this “cup” to be this big (and for $2.99?). I wonder what the bowl looks like…

The chili was filling and had a good texture, but I would have preferred more meat and less tomato in the flavor.


The turkey sandwiches were soft, moist turkey slices between two soft, yeasty rolls and were great on their own without the au jus. This was my family’s first time having au jus so we didn’t know what to expect but Crave’n’s au jus was so salty and didn’t add anything flavorwise or texturewise to the great sandwiches. To us, it tasted exactly like soy sauce, which doesn’t go well with cheese. The fries weren’t crispy but had a true potato flavor.


The fish in the tacos was freshly breaded and came with extra tortillas for spillage.

After eating, we stopped by the visitors center, where dedicated staff compile a long list of activities for visitors and locals.


Then it was off to Picture Lake (officially Image Lake), for photos and an easy yet visually stunning hike.










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