Beef satay pho at MeeKong Bar


“I have this four times a week,” the server said as he set my beef satay pho down.


This was only the best-looking pho I’ve ever had. Actually consuming it after eagerly snapping photos was fun too.

The rice noodles had thoughtfully been pre-cut into bite-sized pieces, making this a pho one could actually eat gracefully by using chopsticks to put the noodles into a spoon, then transferred to the mouth.


Pho noodles are very long, and the normal way to eat them (as it is in most of Asia when it comes to noodles) is to sluuuuuuuurp them up. Asian noodles are often longer than pasta like spaghetti and more slippery, so it’s not easy to roll bites onto a utensil – not to mention that forks aren’t Asian and chopsticks don’t hold noodles the same way. Slurping is fun but it makes you slouch and sometimes the soup gets on you. I personally find it harder to pace myself when slurping noodles because all the noodles get into my mouth at once in huge bites that are several times the volume of normal bites, so I appreciated how MeeKong Bar’s presentation style let me control my eating.

The most important part of pho is the broth, not the noodles, and the beef satay pho’s broth is incredible. A perfectly developed flavor, light and smooth, a hint of sweetness and without any grease or fattiness. There was raw cucumber in the soup, which was unexpectedly good – the texture changes from crisp to softer and pliant, and the broth melds with the mostly neutral cucumber flavor. There was no pineapple in the bowl, although the menu said there would be and it appears standard for satay pho. The standard mint, bean sprouts, and lime came on the side.


My coworkers, both big fans of vegetarian food, raved about their tofu bowls of marinated fried tofu and vegetables on rice vermicelli.

This is relevant to some people: MeeKong Bar frequently has Pokemon GO lures out. Here’s some of the Pokemon caught daily. I got a Drowsee. But even without the Pokemon, I would love to hang out here more.




MeeKong Bar

2525 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121


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  1. Great post! I love your technical analysis of slurping.

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