Peanut butter banana honey toast at Mango Six

Peanut butter banana honey toast. What a mouthful.


A good mouthful.

Honey toast is not hard to get right if you have the right ingredients, and in this case packaged shokupan from a plastic bag is not out of place. I’ve had honey toast weekly since coming to Shanghai. It was all delicious, so Mango Six doesn’t win on taste. In terms of price, however, Mango Six’s value gives it an edge (I paid less than $6 for this).




The bread is the thickest I’ve had. Doesn’t it look like two pieces in the photos? It’s buttered lightly and then generously slathered in creamy peanut butter, which is topped with syrupy sliced bananas, whipped cream, and honey. The texture of the bread is dry and crunchy on the outside but fluffy and moist on the inside, and the cream tastes fresh and rich. I would have preferred more banana to balance out the heavier flavors – the plastic model in the case up front had banana chunks instead of flimsy slices – but this was honestly so good I’m not even mad it didn’t look like the picture.

The honey toast was really filling and I could see myself hanging out here to write papers or blogs for an hour or two.


Mango Six is a Korean chain made popular through product placement in K-dramas. K-pop music videos played on the wall of the location I visited.


Next time I’d like to try the Mango Tango, Mango Six’s signature drink. For what amounts to a mango smoothie with fresh mango chunks and whipped cream, it’s abnormally expensive – 68 RMB (over $10 USD). That would be ridiculous for a chain fruit drink in the United States but it’s even more expensive considering this is China. I asked my Korean friend Jenna about the Mango Tango’s price in Korea and she told me it was nowhere near as crazy as the Chinese price. Obviously, this is the universe telling me to put the $10 I save on a Mango Tango in China to a plane ticket to Seoul to hang out with Jenna again.



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