Mr. Pancake pt. 1

Mr. Pancake is a sit-down chain offering pancakes and other sweet and savory western dishes. Mr. Pancake happens to be the restaurant I’ve visited the most in Shanghai, by far. There’s one right next to my internship, serving up well-executed American comfort food at great prices. I think about Mr. Pancake a lot.


Because I go to Mr. Pancake so much, I’m splitting up my photos into several posts. This one is all about the excellent pancakes, which are fluffy, moist, and come with an overwhelming-but-fun amount of toppings.


First up are these chocolate pancakes. The pancakes (3 to each order) come generously covered in bittersweet chocolate chunks, whipped topping, and powdered sugar. Melty chocolate chunks stud the insides as well.




Speaking of loaded pancakes, here are the strawberry pancakes. This comes with fresh strawberries,  syrupy strawberries, whipped topping, a crunchy, non-sweet pastry puff, and imitation maple syrup.


And then I turned the plate and saw the vanilla ice cream! (It’s high quality too.)

These strawberry pancakes were so much fun. Perfect for Instagram, and best shared among at least three people, to minimize food comas.


Last are the cheesecake pancakes. These came with powdered sugar, syrup, and cheesecake bites, which had a good crust-to-filling ratio.


And the insides oozed a sweet, creamy filling. It should go without saying, but these pancakes are not for those without major sweet tooths.

The only downside to Mr. Pancake’s pancakes is that they come with imitation maple syrup instead of the real thing. Honestly, there’s so much going on with all these pancakes an extra sugar element isn’t necessary, but it shows a willingness to cut corners, and if a restaurant cuts corners on its headliner, what else is it cutting? It would have been better if Mr. Pancake left off the syrup entirely – the pancakes are good enough plain.

Three smaller pancakes come plain (plus syrup) with Mr. Pancake’s omelettes, which also come with homefries. These omelette plates are fantastic and I’ll have a post about them up soon!


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