Nice Meeting You

Nice Meeting You is national Chinese chain that serves western and Chinese food, but not fusion. It’s a good choice for groups where everyone has different tastes. These are some dishes from the multiple times I ate there.


I didn’t expect to eat the best rice I’ve ever had at Nice Meeting You. In China, rice is often gummy and shapeless because too much water is used during cooking, but Nice Meeting You’s rice is firm and keeps its shape, chewy, slightly sticky, glossy, and fragrant, served in a stone pot with a sprinkle of black sesame for 3 RMB (less than 50 cents). I visited Japan at the end of 2016 and, while the rice was consistently good, didn’t experience what I did at Nice Meeting You.


My friends and I always ordered the curry rice to share. More good rice with chunks of beef under stringy, stretchy mozzarella. Served blisteringly hot. The yellow curry is a nice change of pace from the typical Japanese-style brown sauce you’ll get in East Asia.


Another favorite: chicken nuggets. These crackly things share no resemblance with the frozen, squishy breaded shapes you grew up with. Comes with a sweet and spicy chili sauce.


Tender, juicy steak. Very well-received.


Sweet and spicy shrimp over a bed of crisp onions, made super-flavorful from soaking in the shrimp juices. I was too lazy to peel the shrimp and ate them with the shells on. The shells are flavorful too. Worth it.



Kung Pao chicken…


…and surprise noodles!


Chowder in a crispy bread bowl.


Penne in cream sauce.


Stir-fried cabbage and okra.


I really love the fried apple pies. Miniature pockets of well-spiced apple pie filling, wrapped in wonton skins and deep fried.



There’s also an extensive drink and dessert menu with lots of refreshing fruity options.

The overall darkness of Nice Meeting You spaces combined with the focused lighting on tables creates a sense of privacy good for business meetings or dates, but the spaces are welcoming enough for large friend groups and families as well.




Nice Meeting You is a solid mid-range choice for reliable food prepared in a wide variety of styles. This is the kind of chain you can return to again and again without feeling like you’re putting crap in your body.




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