Sweet things in a general store

After learning how maple syrup is made, I headed into the historic village of The Farmers’ Museum.

There are a couple dozen buildings in this village, many of which are preserved historic buildings that actually existed in the 1800s.

Because Cooperstown is not in its tourism season (that’s baseball season – more on that later), some of the buildings were closed, but I was able to experience an old timey country store, a working blacksmith’s forge, a working printmaker’s store, and a schoolhouse – plus I saw lots of farm animals. More of those in later posts too!

First I headed into the store which was packed with unusual and charming themed merchandise, like these butter churns:

Churn down for what!

Old-fashioned hard candy:

Root beer syrup and wassail cider spices:

Lots of interesting books and little souvenirs.

I was excited to see American Cookery by Amelia Simmons. This work is considered the first American cookbook and is a seminal reference and primary source for historic re-enactors and anyone else interested in colonial American culture.

After checking out the store, I headed further into the village…

…where I met a blacksmith! Read my interview with him tomorrow.





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