A printing press from the 1800s


“I know this keyboard better than the computer keyboard,” the printer in the printing shop said.

I had gone into this shop after leaving the blacksmith shop at The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown, NY. It was filled with functional printing presses, moveable type, and examples of printed work. The Farmers’ Museum offers letterpress workshops.

This is moveable type in its loose form.

Each section has a different character inside it. The more frequently a character is used, the more pieces of type are available, and the bigger its section. They’re really tiny.

Here is the type arranged on a press. It is backwards on the press but the final product has everything facing the right way.

#alternativefacts, pay attention:

The prints have period announcements on them, such as text relating to agriculture, real estate, and the Civil War.

This printer has a professional background in graphic arts, working locally in newspaper layout. He’s been at The Farmer’s Museum since 2000! Cool guy.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which has cute animals!




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