Ugly Mug

Ugly Mug Cafe & Coffee Roasters gets its name from the grotesque stone faces on the outer walls of its building in the U District surrounding the University of Washington. Inside, it’s anything but ugly.

I had the Grilled Cheese (swiss cheese, pepperjack, olive tapenade  mayonnaise, tomatoes, grilled focaccia bread, $5) with a cup of the soup of the day ($3). I liked how the grilled cheese incorporated several elements beyond the basic cheese-on-bread grilled cheese, and the thin, flavorful foccacia was especially good.

One of the most legendary Reddit posts ever: melts vs. grilled cheese

I was less impressed by the Tuscan Bread Soup. The one-note soup tasted like jarred tomato sauce and I couldn’t tell that there was any bread in it.

My friend had the Smoked Turkey with Rosemary Aioli (homemade rosemary aioli, grated carrots, mixed greens, tomato, smoked turkey, swiss cheese on rustic potato bread).

Ugly Mug currently has iced teas for the summer: iced mixed berry tea, iced chamomile lavender tea, and sparkling citrus honey ginger tea (next to the turkey sandwich). The regular coffee and tea options can be seen below:

Currently, macarons are also available in Lavender, Matcha with Oreo buttercream (below), and Lemon, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Looking forward to spending more time here in the future!


Ugly Mug Cafe & Coffee Roasters

1309 NE 43rd St, Seattle, WA 98105


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