Norm’s Soda Fountain

Norm’s Soda Fountain is an old-fashioned soda fountain and diner in Kalispell, Montana. The soda fountain opened in 1938 and serves burgers, fries, soups, milk shakes, ice cream, floats, and hot dogs. There are also 800 types of candy and hundreds of magazine titles for sale.

The burgers are hand-pat fresh each day. We ordered a bison burger (single $7.50, double $8.75) with a half basket of fries ($3.50).

Bison is lean but flavorful.

There were four soups ( ($4.95 bowl, $3.75 cup) available. The chili had corn and black beans and blended well with the cheese and onions it was topped with. The beef and vegetable soup was also very good.

Actually, Norm’s Soda Fountain’s motto is “Eat dessert first.”

Because this is a soda fountain, we needed to get soda. I was interested in the phosphates because I had never had those before.

Phosphates are an old-fashioned soda that became popular in the 1870s. They’re like normal sodas, with carbonated water and flavoring, but some extra acid is added in for more tangy and sour flavor.

In my huckleberry soda float ($4.95) with licorice ice cream, I couldn’t tell how the phosphate was different from a regular soda, but that may have been due to the addition of ice cream.

Licorice is a polarizing flavor but the ice cream makes it much more mild. Huckleberry and licorice seems like an unusual combination but it worked. Norm’s only uses hard ice cream (the good kind).

The straws were in these vintage dispensers.

Norm’s Soda Fountain is located inside the historic McIntosh Opera House, built in 1896.

The building is also home to old-west themed tourist shops.

Right next door is the historic Kalispell Hotel.

The historic commercial district is old west-themed, with squarish wood buildings. Modern buildings are just a short drive away.

Loved the cowboy rock climbers!


Norm’s Soda Fountain

34 Main Street, Kalispell, MT 59901





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