Buffalo in Whitefish

The Buffalo Cafe in Whitefish, Montana has a diverse menu covering cuisines from classic American to Mexican to Greek to New York. If the three things I tried are anything to go by, this restaurant does all types well.

Above, Pork Verde Enchiladas ($13). Roasted poblano chili verde, simmered pork shoulder, mozzarella, adobo-honey sour cream, and black beans, fresh flour tortillas. Words are not enough to describe how good this was. From the thick mozzarella to the glossy, chewy tortillas, to the fall-apart pork shoulder…I also liked how there being only two enchiladas and no rice means you won’t be in a food coma after this.

Wheatfish & Chips ($16). Wild Alaskan cod hand-dipped in locally brewed Wheatfish beer batter, served over fries with coleslaw and tartar sauce. The batter was extremely crisp and thin, the cod thick and juicy. The coleslaw was fresh and sweet. I was probably most impressed by the fries, which were covered in a brown, crispy shell similar to the coating of the fish. The potato flavor came through clearly. I don’t even really like fries.

I also had a bowl of the soup of the day ($5), which was cream of mushroom. This was excellent, creamy but not goopy, which is a common issue with cream of mushroom soup. Our waitress immediately brought me a sample when she saw me hesitating on the soup. This proactive service convinced me to order it!

Another really nice thing the server did was not charge us for a draft beer we ordered because there wasn’t enough left in the lines to fill more than 2/3 of a glass. Several things we tried to order (like the bison burger) were actually unavailable because the kitchen had run out of ingredients; this is probably a testament to the Buffalo Cafe’s popularity. Check out all these awards.

The buffalo theme extends to the decor.

After dinner, we walked around Whitefish. Whitefish is an affluent skiing town with tourists at the center of everything. Public benches made of ski lift chairs were in front of many local businesses.

The town is small but energized and visually interesting.

On the edge of town is the AMTRAK train station.

The depot is in a historic building home to the oldest Hertz rental cars licensee in the U.S., operating for over 60 years.

There’s a museum in the depot as well.

Although it was closed by the time we got there, we enjoyed checking out the other historic features of the lobby, such as this baggage scale.

But I didn’t get to find out what a fur fish is –

Wait, there’s Wikipedia for that. Eww.

I’m glad the fish earlier was breaded, not furred.


Buffalo Cafe

514 E 3rd St, Whitefish, MT 59937






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