Huckleberry pie in the shadows of a mountain

This is Glacier National Park in the summertime

A few minutes outside of Glacier National Park is Two Sisters Cafe. In reality, the cafe is run by three people, but “Two Sisters Cafe” sounded better than “Two Sisters and Big John.” So that’s the name.

Two Sisters Catering made food for the James Beard Foundation’s Celebrity Chef Tour so we were expecting good things.

We loved the chili cheeseburger burger, which came open-faced with a generous amount of house-made chili, cheese, and onions, over a flavorful and juicy beef patty and brioche bun ($14.95). The fries were crisp and well-salted.

The soup of the day (lentil mushroom) and salad combination ($10.95) were also delicious, especially the toasted pita triangles the salad came with in lieu of croutons.

However, the much-advertised dessert of tourist Montana, huckleberry pie, was a disappointment.

Huckleberries are tart fruits but the huckleberry pie at Two Sisters, while it had a nicely sugared crust, tasted no different from a common blueberry pie. Also, one slice was $7.95, which is what whole pies cost at a lot of places. The slice was shockingly small – hand for scale:

I guess they can get away with it because they’re right outside Glacier National Park and the tourists are hungry coming down from the mountain. The restaurant was very busy during lunch.

Aside from the food, Two Sisters Cafe is a riot in terms of decor. Indoors, it’s covered with funny bumper stickers, license plates, random Asian decorations, and pictures of bears and other animals. There’s games on the tables and magazines by the door, plus a bar.

Two Sisters Cafe has a ton of personality and that makes it worth a stop.

The crazy decor extends to the outside too.

No guns, no bearspray. Gives you a sense of what part of the country we’re in – Montana.


Two Sisters Cafe

3600 US-89, Babb, MT 59411



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