When in Canada, eat poutine

The town of Golden, in British Columbia, is home to the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in Canada, Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge. It’s pretty much the main tourist attraction of a one street downtown area, and measures 151 feet spanning the Kicking Horse River.

There are some informative signs on the bridge that tell the story of how the bridge was built. It’s pretty cool how this bridge, a community project, got so many people from the community and beyond to work together. Over 100 members of the Timber Framers Guild (!) came to work on this traditionally-crafted structure; when the international helpers’ temporary visas ran out, the people of Golden finished the rest.

Covered wooden bridges provided shelter for travelers in times past. They were also helpful for keeping animals from getting spooked when crossing water because they looked like barns.

Right next to Kicking Horse Bridge is The Golden Taps pub. The menu is mostly typical pub/bar food, a bit more interesting.

We ordered the Gangsta Wrap ($13.50 CAD) with a side of poutine (+$6 CAD). The Gangsta Wrap had beef, breaded pork, bacon, onion rings, romaine lettuce, and cheese, all tossed in sweet hot sauce and wrapped up.

The gravy on the poutine was too salty and tasted packaged, but the fries were fine and the cheese curds were nice and stringy.

Fish tacos ($12.50 CAD) were next: basa fillets, lettuce, tomatoes, and mango salsa in flour tortillas. The breading on the pan-fried basa was crisp and dry.

The Golden Taps pub has seating indoors and outdoors on two patios on either side, one which has a view of the river.
While inside, a woman came in asking for another woman who I’ll call S. The bartender told her that S wasn’t working that day, but upon hearing that this woman had grown up in Golden and hadn’t been back for 20 years, offered to call S and have her come over. Somehow in the conversation, the bartender said S’s full name. The woman told the bartender that the S she was looking for had a different last name. Then, the man sitting at the bar next to her said that the S she was looking for was his next-door neighbor. Golden really is a small town. They seem to like coming here.
The Golden Taps
505 9 Ave N, Golden, BC V0A 1H7

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  1. Ann says:

    Past two posts feature pictures which are blurry because of your hand!


    1. Sophie says:

      That’s my phone case, which covers up some of the camera. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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