The Repp

The Repp is located along the main street of Snohomish, Washington, a small town mainly known for its many antique shops.

While The Repp’s interior is rather tacky, combining “fancy” and “quirky” fabric and wood elements that look like they were picked up pre-distressed from Pier 1 Imports or Cost Plus World Market, the food is elegantly presented and prepared. Worth a visit.

The soup of the day when we visited was French onion soup. The Repp unusually chooses to cover the soup with melted fresh mozzarella cheese instead of the standard Swiss cheese, which worked well – chewy and dry in some places, silky from being exposed to the beef broth, with melty onions and red wine. In the photo above, you can see the mozzarella over two pieces of bread – this was the large serving ($9). We also got a small bowl, which had one piece of bread and was normally $5, $3 when added to an entree.

The bread in the soup was the same kind of bread as the rolls, which seemed to be store-bought rolls that were given an extra turn in the oven, browning and caramelizing the glossy outsides. No problem with store-bought bread if it’s good, and these rolls were chewy and flavorful. They came with herbed butter.

Seafood fettucine ($21), with clams, scallops, and shrimp, was very good. The shallot cream reduction had fresh butter-forward flavors without becoming a gloopy chore towards the end, like lesser cream sauces. Great texture.

The Repp serves a few types of risotto. I had the wild mushroom. Another wonderful cream sauce, with lots of savory mushrooms.

We also had a small mixed greens salad ($5, $9 for the large) with Gorgonzola, fried shallots, and dried apricots in roasted shallot vinaigrette.

After eating, we checked out some of the antique shops. Snohomish is easy to navigate and by the banks of a scenic river.


The Repp

924 1st St, Snohomish, WA 98290





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