Strawberry cheesecake bingsu


I’m not the biggest fan of bingsu.

Probably because I don’t think it’s fun to eat alone and I’ve been in too many situations where I’ve had to face down the whole thing alone.

Bingsu (or bingsoo,  설빙) is a shaved ice dessert popular in Korea. Syrup, condensed milk, fruit, mochi, red beans, and roasted soybean powder are common toppings.

The shaved ice isn’t water ice but dairy-based. It’s creamier and softer than water ice, and has a texture like fresh snow.

My strawberry bingsu at the Korean chain Sulbing (52 RMB) involved fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and strawberry syrup, with a slice of baked cheesecake and a small piece of chocolate that said Sulbing on it. Also, it came with extra strawberry syrup on the side, plus another bowl. These things are definitely meant for sharing. I gave up halfway through.

You can see the extensive bingsu menu below, as well as other sweet things and hot Korean dishes.

The Korean theme was continued with a huge stuffed LINE Friend, Brown, as well as K-pop music videos blasting.

I had green tea patbingsu (patbingsu is red bean, the most popular version) in Vancouver last year with my friend Jenna. After eating that bingsu we got more Korean food. I got more Korean food after eating this too, coming in the next post.


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