Dessert wonders at Bibelot

On my way to the South Melbourne Night Market, I wanted ice cream, so I stopped at the nearby Bibelot. I was really glad I did.

Bibelot focuses on high-end patisserie like the kinds you’ll find in Paris, with a modernized twist.

The petits gateaux case was gorgeous, filled with glossy pastel-colored cakes with inventive flavor combinations. I waffled between the strawberry, lime & mint (strawberry mousse, mint jelly, mint cremeux, lime gelee, vanilla sponge, vanilla & lime sable biscuit, vanilla chantilly, $9.95 AUD), mango & coconut dome (coconut dacquoise sponge, caramelized coconut cremeux, yuzu creme, peanut praline, mango mousse, and peanut cookie, $9.95 AUD), and the as the jasmine & lychee ($10.50 AUD). I decided on the jasmine & lychee.

This consisted of jasmine tea mousse, lychee compote, lychee creme, raspberry & almond financier sponge, buckwheat sable biscuit, and sake jelly, with gold leaf and white chocolate for garnish.

You could actually taste of all of the individual flavor components, like the sake or buckwheat.

It would have been perfect if the biscuit still had its texture, but it was soggy, probably from being out all day. The other textural elements complemented each other, from the firmness of the sake jelly to the smooth creaminess of the mousse, which had lychee shreds in it.

I also ordered a scoop of pistachio ice cream and a scoop of mandarin & yuzu sorbet ($6 AUD). The mandarin & yuzu sorbet was especially good, very refreshing with real acidity but still some creaminess.

All of the cakes in the case were so beautiful I wish I could have tried them all!

There are larger cakes for serving multiple people available as well, which are as sculptural as the petits gateaux.

Besides cake, Bibelot also sells macarons…

Chocolate and fudge…


And cookies. These gingerbread cookies were hanging on the wall as decoration.

Maybe I’ll steal the idea…



285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205


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