Boutic’s matcha latte

This tiny cafe is located in the Ultimo neighborhood of Sydney, next to the campus of the University of Technology Sydney. It’s pretty much the perfect breakfast place for its lovely atmosphere, freshly-made food (with a large pastry selection), and low prices.

I was wowed by this matcha latte, which had a marshmallowy-foam top and was served at a lower temperature than usual, meaning I could drink it immediately instead of staring at it and randomly trying to take sips while waiting for the scalding milk to cool down. Boutic’s standard matcha lattes are pre-sweetened, which I don’t mind, but some people might. This was $3.50 AUD, which is less than $2.75 USD by the current exchange rate. You will never find this kind of matcha latte for that price in the United States.

I also got the ham, cheese, and tomato frittata, which was hand-sized and super delicious ($5 AUD, $4.50 with a drink purchase).

Then I bought another one because it was that good.

There’s also a spinach feta frittata.

All the food is either prepared or made on-site, like these fresh muffins. There’s some passionfruit-topped yogurt in this picture too. Passionfruit is definitely something to try.

Tiny orange cakes looked amazing, as did the cronuts, sparkling gingernut cookies, peanut butter shortbread…

The one thing that prevented this from being the perfect cafe? No wifi! Not even wifi you can pay to use. This is widespread in Sydney – almost all the coffee shops/cafes I went to did not have wifi, which is a pillar of coffee culture in America. People love using cafes as offices and use wifi to work, and then they end up hanging out there for hours, which results in lower sales when prospective customers look around the cafe, see that there’s no space for them to work, and leave…

I think this can be worked around by having a purchase minimum by the hour, which is used by Asian cat cafes and manga cafes, where the proprietors know people will be hanging out for hours playing with the cats or reading. You don’t go to a cafe for a fast food experience where you take your stuff, eat it, and leave – you go there to hang out and enjoy the space. Sometimes you go alone so you have no one to talk with, so you want to use the internet.

I talked to an Australian friend about this, and he said that internet in Australia was much more expensive than it is in the United States, because there’s less infrastructure and Australia is really far from a lot of things. But I still wish there was wifi – especially as a tourist without a local phone plan.



1a Ultimo Road, Ultimo, Sydney


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