Pasta at Powerhouse

I had a great time visiting Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. The Powerhouse Museum showcases the applied arts and sciences, including design, technology, architecture, fashion, and household goods. It does a good job of teaching about innovation and discovery without focusing on science, which I thought was really cool, because science education is the standard way to go about this. Instead, Powerhouse Museum is about objects and experiences that are directly integrated into everyday life, like clothing or furniture or telephones. It’s easy to connect with the content, even though the objects displayed span centuries and continents. Things like the movements of tectonic plates or outer space science might be incomprehensible or inaccessible, but we can all understand a chair.

After exploring the museum, I had lunch in the cafe attached to the museum gift shop. I ordered a pasta with feta, olives, cherry tomatoes, and shredded basil. There was no sauce involved but the orecchiette pasta was coated with olive oil and black pepper. The whole thing was generously sprinkled with pine nuts, which were a little too burnt. The pasta came out warm – made to order, not a cool pasta salad sitting under a case. I think this was around $16 AUD.

Pastries, sandwiches, and coffee are also available. Lamingtons are Australian cakes that consist of yellow cake coated in melted chocolate and then shredded coconut, sometimes with jam and/or cream spread between layers.


Powerhouse Museum

500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia


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