Another Australian cafe


Located in Sydney, Australia’s central business district, a short walk from both the waterfront with the famous opera house and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in another direction, Dutch Smuggler Coffee Brewers is a not-so-hidden gem tucked in the shadows of some shiny corporate skyscrapers. The outdoors cafe can be accessed by going down some steps; food/beverage preparation and sales are done in an architectural feature:

Embedded into the interesting walls that extend toward the sky from the almost-perpendicular steps is an art/history exhibit.

Another view:

Dutch Smuggler uses coffee from Sovereign Coffee Roasters, a small batch roaster based in Sydney.

I didn’t order coffee but got a wonderful chai latte.

Since I like my lattes on the sweet side, I added some of the black sugar available on the tables. Black sugar has a stronger, more complex flavor than brown sugar. Black sugar in place of brown, used in limited quantities where it can really be tasted, can elevate sweets unexpectedly.

Cute drink sizes! My chai latte was the largest size and was 4.5 AUD.

Interesting cold brew selection:

I wasn’t hungry enough to try their food items, which looked great. These included various breakfast items, pastries, and toasties (toasted cheese sandwiches).

Here’s a toastie. The grated cheese, a pale yellow, is the most common type of cheese used in Australian toasties. It tastes and feels like cheddar but they don’t call it that, calling it “tasty cheese” instead. Well, it is tasty. Wish I could pick up another bag of the shredded stuff at the supermarket!


Dutch Smuggler Coffee Brewers

200 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia





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