The Osprey

For visitors to Shanghai, the Bund is a must-visit attraction. It’s a waterfront area on the historic side of Shanghai (Puxi). Across the Huangpu river is the newer half of Shanghai, Pudong (literally administered as Pudong New Area). Pudong is home to the modern skyscrapers featured in the famous Shanghai skyline; to get the best view of the skyline, you go to the Bund on Puxi, not Pudong. (Pudong is…really not where the main fun stuff is. Pudong, more like Pu Jersey?)

Similar situations exist in New York. I currently live in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. My building is a former factory. Industrial lofts in Bushwick, what could get more stereotypical? (Knowing the name of the interior design firm that did the building, which worked with some very millennial-friendly brands…) I like hanging out on the rooftop, which has a good view of the Manhattan skyline from across the East River; I’m almost able to triangulate my former Billionaire’s Row (not as nice as it sounds) address from seeing 432 Park (the tallest residential building in the world). It’s a good view, but not the greatest, because we’re pretty deep in Brooklyn and not on the waterfront. The best views of the Manhattan Skyline from across the East River are found in the waterfront Williamsburg area, especially stunning in the newly-opened Domino Park at night.

For another view of the New York skyline from a different angle, you’ll want to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is even better than Domino Park. The large waterfront park is wonderfully designed with free/affordable recreation for all ages in mind, with extensive open-air athletic facilities and beautifully laid-out green spaces. The pristine and intentional design reminds me of wealthier residential areas in China, or just anywhere in Sydney. Last time I was there, I hung out on one of the piers, watching people kayaking, roller skating, playing squash, doing the long jump, goofing off on swing sets, and playing basketball (yes, all on one pier. All free except for roller skating). After I got hungry, I walked over to the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, since I’ve been wanting to check out their restaurant.

The Osprey is honestly just another one of those Instagrammable, upscale, seasonally-driven New American restaurants, with menu items like roasted broccolini with cripsy speck and apricot moustarda ($11), seared scallops with heirloom grits, bacon fennel marmalade, and pearl onion ($32), and farmstead cheese boards with seasonal jam, chestnut honey, and crackers ($21). Yeah, one of those places. But it owns it and does it well, so who’s complaining? Not me. You’re paying for the atmosphere and you know it, so when the food is great, it’s:

My fried chicken and waffles (something like $27) came with a well-applied sweet chili sauce and dab of stracciatella (a cheese that combines the looseness of ricotta with some of the stretchiness of fresh mozzarella). The microgreens added nothing, but they never do.

Very moist and expertly-cooked chicken breast, a sweet and crunchy breading, and deliciously chewy waffles made up the rest. Highly recommended. I’ll be back.


The Osprey at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

60 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


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